30 January 2011

The Packers are going to the Superbowl!!!

OK, not really news by this point.  Still, I wanted to write a quick note about the Packers, although the notes I wrote last week were more important.  Superbowl XLV will be played in Dallas, TX next Sunday.

Obviously, Sarah and I are excited about this.  

So, rather than carry on about this, I thought I'd put just a few thoughts and links.

1) Truthfully, I'm shocked - I thought their season was over when they lost to the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots weeks 14 & 15.  Just making the playoffs was really surprising to me, all things considered.  Just look at the injuries they have sustained this season.  Ryan Grant, Mark Tauscher, Nick Barnett, Jermichael Finley, Brad Jones, Brady Poppinga, Brandon Chillar, and a promising rookie in Morgan Burnett is a huge list to overcome.  Still, the way AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop stepped up, I hope they are the core of the inside linebackers moving forward.  Sam Shields and Tramon Williams stepped up huge as well, and the Pack may just have a running game in James Starks.

2) I really want them to win this Superbowl (obviously), for Donald Driver.  Driver has been my favorite player since around the time Favre started waffling 5 or 6 years ago.  Who's shirt did I wear when I got to go to Lambeau this season?  Oh yeah, #80 - Donald Driver, picture here.  He has a very interesting life story, a great foundation, and he writes children's books that help kids deal with adversity - something he is an expert on.  (BTW, definitely click the link on 'life story.')   All of these things are amazing, but we can't forget just how talented he is, and how tough.  He has been consistently willing to go across the middle and get hit by linebacker after linebacker for his entire career, and he always pops up with a smile.  DD plays the game the right way, and he is fun to watch.  Fact.
Dave sent me the link to this video.  It is probably the best song parody I've ever seen.  You'll likely laugh and be impressed with some of the great catches that are easy to forget over time.
My sincere hope is that the Packers win, and Donald has an MVP winning day.

3) The Packers hate cancer.  This was illustrated to me firsthand right here.  It still gives me pause to read the warm, hand-written note from their community outreach department and look at the gifts they sent me.   Ryan Grant especially hates cancer in Part 1 of a story of a young boy with Leukemia.  Part 2 is even sadder, click the link for some tears.  What a fan!  The boy actually died in his Donald Driver jersey.  I feel fairly certain that Ryan Luxem and I would've gotten along just fine, and it is special to know what the organization and Ryan Grant did for him in his last days.  I've said it many times, but I really believe this is the classiest organization in sports.

5) Green Bay will be the "home" team for the Superbowl (it alternates yearly, and this year is the NFC's turn).  As such, they get to pick their uniforms, and have opted to go with home greens.
That is the jersey Greg Jennings will wear.  It still needs the Captain C.  I'm a little disappointed they didn't choose the road whites that they had so much success in over the last 3 playoff games.
I subscribe to the Crash Davis philosophy of streaks, although admittedly, two of their last five games were in the home greens at Lambeau.

BTW, a great blog about Packer uniforms can be found here.  I've clicked over there often lately.  It is the official blog of the Packer uniform database.  How much can you possibly say about Packer uniforms to necessitate a database and blog?  - Click over to see.  It is a wealth of interesting information.  (seriously!)

6) Speaking of streaks and uniforms, since I do believe in that sort of thing, I'll be wearing my white #12 jersey and Packer hat sent to me in the care package.  I would rather wear the #80 jersey shown above, but I won't mess with this streak.  That said, I have been known to change mid-game when things aren't going well. (They're working on curing my cancer, not my neurosis). 

7) For those of you with iPads - this app is a must have.  It is the Superbowl XLV program.  Just like the $15 book you can order from NFL shop, only with sound and video.  It is a big program, but well worth it.  I was lucky to find it.

8) As a last thought...."Josh, your list doesn't have a number 4."  Yep, I do realize that.
This is Aaron's team now.  They win and lose with Mr. Rodgers.   Hopefully, they win one more!

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